Buy This: Capcom 360 Triple Pack


If you’re anything like me, your biggest complaint about the video game industry is that games are just too damn expensive. Sometimes, it’s worth it, like when you pay $60 and get 100 hours worth of playing time out of Mass Effect. Sometimes it’s not, like when you pay $60 and get four hours worth of playing time out of Halo Wars.

In any case, this new triple pack deal from Capcom, is one hell of a deal. It’s $40 and you get Dead Rising, Lost Planet and Devil May Cry 4. I am not being paid to write this post, I swear, I honestly think this is a great deal. Devil May Cry 4 is spectacular, Dead Rising is great except for its borderline retarded save system and I hear great things about Lost Planet. And because it’s too hard to pirate Xbox games, this is probably your cheapest bet for some great titles. Get it starting September 8th.

  • ash303

    The save system is not as retarded as that asshole who calls you on the cellphone non stop. Still a great game though.

  • IcemanD

    Yeah, Dead Rising is worth a play through for sure. I didn’t care for Lost Planet. And, DMC IV is the only Devil May Cry game I have not played (although the demo was awesome).

    Hopefully they’ll be selling just DMC IV cheap somewhere.

  • Madison

    DMC4 is one of the better action games I’ve ever played; this pack is worth it for that game alone.

  • Limitus

    DMC 4 is just great! played it through twice and still can’t get enough.
    I watched a freind playing Lost Planet, and it seems he had a lot of fun.
    Can’t say a thing about Dead rising…