Bulletstorm = Shakespeare


I haven’t gotten to play Bulletstorm myself yet, but I want to as I’m told it’s “designed by a 12 year old on crack,” which is meant as a compliment. I’m hoping our dear old friend Madison can come back and do a guest review of it but we shall see.

In the mean time, I can experience the BEST part of the game, which is not the combat, but the dialogue, by watching the video above. It features some of the most classic lines from the game, 80% of which have to do with someone named “dick.” Is he one of the main characters?

  • Andy

    “What the dick?” might make it’s way into my vocabulary after this.

  • “Designed by a 12 year old on crack”, sounds like Charlie Sheen had a hand in it.

  • Tomsense76

    That video sounded like a montage of The Tourettes Guy videos…

  • nyxaria

    please play the game for yourself before you judge it..

    @ topic i played it trough just yesterday and i must say the game just has a flow/vibe that ….works. it “feels” right that if something goes wrong the maincharacter cruses something .. anybody would do that. and the game is very well written (maybe beside the end) but the jokes and how they are put into the game is just brilliant … im not a huuuuuge fan of gore but in bulletstorm it works gtreat and doesnt feel too gross or something

    and multiplayer with 3 friends .. damn its just too funny .. working together and getting that new highscore.

    this game is maybe not the new crysis or something like that but its definatly got its spot way up there as one of the top fps games

    i just hope they bring out an dlc fast to get rid of that cliffhanger end and we dont have to wait for 1 or 2 more years to get a second title

  • Arthur Dent

    I loved dick when I was 12. Couldn’t get enough of ’em. If only I had known about crack.

  • This video is a total plot spoiler… cuz plot is the uuuh, strong part of Bulletstorm. 🙂

  • Andy D

    Ghost dog up there is right, the words ancilliary story have never been more fitting, hell of a fun game though.

  • i love bulletstorm!!! but didn’t love the dicks!!! lol

  • Am I the only person who thought Bulletstorm was a bit ‘meh’? I just wanna kill people – I dont want to chain combos and crap! Just death. Instant flavoured!