Bowser Wants YOU!

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I can’t find the artist, but this piece of Mario Bros. propaganda is pretty damn well made. You wouldn’t think that Bowser would be the one recruiting, or the one starting a coup, as isn’t he King? Maybe it’s against Peach, the princess? Wait, if he’s king, and she’s the princess then….


Oh. My. God.

  • Levance

    mind= blown

  • That would make Mario Luke, Luigi Han and Yoshi Chewy. Or would it make Yoshi a Tauntaun and Toad Chewy? Wait, no that would make Mario Leia and Koopa Jr. Boba Fett?

  • No wait..Toad is totally Lando

  • Gadget

    Nah, Bowser’s a proper conquering King. Look at all the different wolrds and creature under his mighty rule. And they all fight for him. Every single last one has sworn their last breath in service to Emperor Bowser, such is the love they have for their liege

    It could be said that Peach, Mario, and the Mushroom Kingdom are the equivalent to Asterix, Obelix, and that damn Gaul village, but there is a slight mistruth in that as Peach is actually a somewhat benign dictator effective in her propoganda.

  • JoeandMarysOtherSon

    King Toadstool is Peach’s father:

  • newBlazingAngel

    If bowser made Peach then his wife must have been a supermodel. Although I don’t think thats really the case because even though he’s a 7 foot tall demon turtle he would probably treat his offspring better.