Borderlands Needs Physics Too


When you think of Borderlands, you think of “stylish graphics,” with its cartoony, cell-shaded art style, but you don’t necessarily think of “good graphics” the way you might for Crysis or Skyrim. But turns out the game benefits from a great graphics card just like any other.

The difference can be seen in the above video which shows just how many more particle effects are available when you have a graphics card that actually works. Unlike mine, which just made me buy a copy of Sleeping Dogs for consoles because the free version I got on Steam because it ran too sluggishly on my computer. Sigh. Yes, yes I know it’s “easy” to build my own non-crappy PC, but I just haven’t had time yet.

Anyway, watch the video above and it might convince you the PC version is worth a go over the console variant if your computer can manage it.


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