Book Covers Crafted from Video Games

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I don’t do as much reading as I should these days, as my time is spent divided between trying to keep up with every movie, show and video game out there, while writing articles about them 15 times a day.

But if I could combine the activities? If reading allowed me to better understand my favorite games? That would be killing two birds with one stone!

The books you’re about to see here don’t actually exist, but rather they’re an art project from AJ Hateley, who took classic games and made them into classic books. There are some very cool entries here, and I’d actually buy a few as posters if they existed. Check out the rest below:

  • Adam

    My favorite is the MGS book.

  • Zeke

    I think the first Portal cover is my favorite. Simply for “Neurotoxins: An Introduction”

    I’d definitely collect these books if they were ever written.

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  • Andrew D.

    These would actually make amazing Kindle and Nook covers.

  • cor

    If I were to have one issue with these covers, it’s that the focus tends to be in the bottom right on most covers

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  • Jmac

    I want to read one of these! 😀

  • Rich

    The artist does have these on sale at

    You can get shirts, posters, wall art and more.

  • Zach

    Sorry for asking but what’s the 5th one? I know all the others just that one stumped me :/

  • Carla Skjong

    The Wonderful End of The World cover looks like an Edward Gorey drawing. I like it!

  • Carlos

    This is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while, just brilliant!.

  • @Zach – It’s the Left 4 Dead series.

  • Mack

    What’s bugging me is that while The Wonderful End Of the World is a similiar game to Katamari Damacy (it’s nowhere near as good, but still) it isn’t Katamari Damacy. It’s made by the people who made “AAAaa A Reckless Disregard for Gravity” and instead of rolling a ball you’re a puppet who grows when stuff sticks to it. Apart from that they’re amazing.

  • kyle

    loved these! especially the Shadow of the Colossus one, and the wasteland survival guide from Fallout 3.

    one minor issue. there’s a typo on the book titled “farewell, my dear”: “do not remove from extended *rexalation* centre.” the spelling of “centre” raised an eyebrow, because Aperture Science was based in America– but I can’t say where the artist came from… so i shut my mouth here.

  • david

    lol i read 3 of them before i even noticed it was videogame carecters

  • rikk789

    Naomi Hunter didnt write ‘In the Darkness…’ It was Nastasha Romanenko. Cool concepts otherwise