Black Widow Peach

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There are a million artist composing a million video game related pieces every day across the internet, and I see pretty much all of them. Well, a lot of them. As such, it takes something truly special to impress me these days, and boy this is it.

It’s from Saejin  Oh and titled “Black Widow Peach.” It has Princess Peach as the head of a Nintendo-run crime family, hunting down and offing other video game characters from other universes. Can you spot:

– Link

– Mario

– Wario

– Starfox

– Captain Falcon

– Bowser and Baby Bowser

– Steve

– Solid Snake

– Kratos

– Master Chief-

– Ezio

– Nathan Drake

Also note the building landscape in the background .The attention to detail all over this piece is simply fantastic.

  • carlip

    no mention of minecraft… appalling.

  • Joe


    What’s appalling is your lack of Minecraft history. The main character’s name is Steve.

    Class dismissed.

  • ezio will find them before they find ezio

  • Tora

    Also, is that an E-tank and Sonic rings in the bag in front?

  • Nitsuj

    One thing i don’t like ( if i’m wrong sorry) Solid Snake is about to get shot . . . he got his start with Nintendo, and is still known as a Nintendo character (even though he is multi system now)

  • Cam

    Take a good look at “Mario’s” Moustache, that is Luigi’s Signature stache, one without mario’s curliness. The Mario Brother in this picture is Luigi.

  • Monchofos

    Dude, the man in the bottom right is Ezio.

  • Monchofos

    Bottom left i mean.

  • 2ndPlayer

    Also Luigi is wearing a green hat. So no Mario, apparently when he decided to see the galaxy Peach didn’t take it well.