Bioware’s DLC Needs Addressing

So right now I’m going back to download all the Mass Effect 2 DLC I missed in lieu of the third game coming out this year. From what I’ve heard about how shitty Dragon Age 2 is compared to the first game (which I already hated), I’m a little concerned the same thing could happen for ME3, which has a similarly short development time relative to its predecessor. Bioware does know we’re willing to wait a little bit for a new franchise title if that means the game will be better right?

Bioware’s also doing shady things with DLC recently, like hyping up Dragon Age 2 DLC before the game is even released. I’ve defended company’s right to make DLC in the past, but when you start promoting it before your game is even out, that signals that clearly at least part of the team stopped working on the original game to start making DLC which very well could have been included in the title to begin with.

That leads me to Mass Effect 2 DLC which I’m just now starting. I just finished for 560 point (how many dollars is that?) bit where you recruit “Master Theif” Kasumi Goto for your already way too huge team. I was upset to see that there isn’t even an option to recruit the scar-faced crew memeber Fareed, as I believe he was some sort of preorder bonus. Really, that character is completely lost to me forever because I didn’t throw down $5 at Gamestop a month before the game came out? What kind of bullshit is this? Or am I doing something wrong here and just don’t know where to find him.

The Kasumi mission is…strange. Most crew memebers had a recruit mission, and then a loyalty mission, but to recruit Kasumi you simply talk to a hologram for three minutes in the Citadel while she stands five feet above you in the rafters. Strange. So then you just do her loyalty mission, which Cerebrus promised you’d help her with in exchange for her aiding you on you grand mission; a mission which is already over and done with I might add. I’m not sure when exactly I was supposed to buy this package, but at max level with insane guns and armor, I breezed through it in about half an hour. It was essentially go to a party, hit A a few times, fight three rooms of base-level enemies, and get a new submachine gun my character can’t even equip. And if I try to talk to Kasumi to get to know her better after the mission wraps? There’s not even a conversation tree! She says one line and no more, and is just another crew member taking up space in my ship.

I have two more DLC missions to go, and I hear Lair of the Shadow Broker is worthwhile. It sure as hell better be for 800 points. But so far I’m unimpressed with what I’ve found, and I almost think Map Packs are a better of DLC for games, because at least 20% of the time in Black Ops, I’m plaing somewhere new, and it’s far more than a half hour of entertainment.


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