‘BioShock 2’ Multiplayer = ‘Team Fortress 3’


Seriously, tell me you didn’t watch this trailer and IMMEDIATELY think of Team Fortress. Granted, that’s not such a bad thing I suppose, but I can’t say I was expecting it.

Personally, I’ve never liked that style of what I call “shitshow” gameplay, which is just absurdly fast paced and you’re constantly getting hit from so many sides you have no idea what’s going on. And add in all the plasmids from Bioshock and you’ll be frozen, burned then electrocuted before you even know what hits you. And what exactly prompts you to change into a seemingly invincible, one-hit killing Big Daddy? That doesn’t seem fair.

Not all games need multiplayer, despite popular belief.

  • IcemanD

    I have to agree. I’ve never liked Team Fortress.

  • Redeye

    IcemanD, i know its you opinion but Team Fortress 2 i one of the best online shooters ever. one of my favorites. and does any one else think that the gravity power thing from the video is just a half life 2 rip off?

  • IcemanD

    @ Redeye: Yep, definitely my own opinion. I know a lot of people who really like TF2. It’s a quality game…I just don’t like playing it.

  • Phoenix

    The trailer also had the feel of fallout 3 ads

  • MacGyver1138

    While I like TF and TF2, I completely understand what you are saying. Some of the faster paced PC games like that make it seem like you die so fast you can’t do anything.

    I also agree that not every title needs multiplayer. The first Bioshock was an excellent game, and it didn’t bother with the mp aspect at all. Still, it will be interesting to see how this works out in the end. If the single-player is as good as the first, there is no harm in adding multiplayer, and I’ll just skip it if I don’t like it.