Behold, the Future of Gaming


If you really think that motion controls are the future of gaming, I invite you to take a look above, which shows a demo of a new Sonic game being developed for Kinect. I’m not sure what exactly the player is trying to perform here, other than maybe trying to slap Tails to death, but whatever it is, it sure ain’t pretty.

Even this could be fun for a few minutes, but how long is this kind of play really going to be able to be sustained. As I’ve said before, I might love playing a Zelda game for hours and hours on end, but if I have to mime my way through the entire thing, it would have taken me about three years to beat Ocarina of Time. So what we will have instead are simpler, easier, shorter games that use this tech, and everything we love about gaming will get lost in the process.

I have a feeling that despite the success of the Wii, Kinect and Move both are going to fail miserably. And to be honest, I hope they do. Give me back my buttons, joystick and couch, and get off my lawn you crazy kids.


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