Behold, the Future of Gaming


If you really think that motion controls are the future of gaming, I invite you to take a look above, which shows a demo of a new Sonic game being developed for Kinect. I’m not sure what exactly the player is trying to perform here, other than maybe trying to slap Tails to death, but whatever it is, it sure ain’t pretty.

Even this could be fun for a few minutes, but how long is this kind of play really going to be able to be sustained. As I’ve said before, I might love playing a Zelda game for hours and hours on end, but if I have to mime my way through the entire thing, it would have taken me about three years to beat Ocarina of Time. So what we will have instead are simpler, easier, shorter games that use this tech, and everything we love about gaming will get lost in the process.

I have a feeling that despite the success of the Wii, Kinect and Move both are going to fail miserably. And to be honest, I hope they do. Give me back my buttons, joystick and couch, and get off my lawn you crazy kids.

  • SpyKi

    I am 100% with you on everything said here.

  • Carax

    Yeah Paul, i need to agree with you on this one. I’m very concerned were this is going to take the gaming industry. What next are we going to imitate beating some punk to death in gta v or sneak around our living room for next MGS. What the hell will happen with fighting games. That aside a new hot coffee app in gta will be fun.

    I have a feeling the hard core gamers will shun these new controllers.

  • AP

    I think the only way it would be cool if you could play with motion detecting guns.

  • Korky

    One day console makers will realize they need a mouse and a keyboard. Then, a decade later, the console nerds will slowly come to grips with it as well.

  • Henrik

    That is how i want to relax after work.

  • Matt Chi

    I am going to invest in a way that bets on the kinect failing absolutely miserable. Don’t really want to short the microsoft stock, so I gotta dig up some dirt on the companies designing this for microsoft.

  • Stefanos

    I usually just read the blog but this time i had to make a comment!!! I used to agree with you and was passionately against motion controlls and got into huge arguements with my friends about if it is cool or not to play with a motion controll. Seeing this post i thought that this gaming sucks but it would be pretty awesome if some kind of system came out that *really* read your movements and acted accordingly. Now i am not speaking of forgeting about videos with controls as it is a nice way to relax and pass time, but it would be Incredible if say a multiplayer FPS existed where you could feel like you really shoot the others kind of like a virtual paintball. Now i know this is not even remotely similar to what i am saying but i will stop rejecting motion controlls simply because video game companies will follow one of the following:
    1. Realise that motion controlls suck and stop making them
    2. See that people likes motion controlls and keep evolving them to a point we will all like.
    So i will keep playing with my mouse or controller and hope i will be young enouch to be able to experience this kind of gaming 😛

  • Its wrong to bundle it all together.
    The Wiimotes IR sensor works much closer and more like a mouse then a analogue stick does, and is vastly better for FPS games (or point and clicks) because of it.
    I think Move will be the same. Used as a pointer it will be suppiour (faster/more accurate) then a stick, and [maybe] upto the precision of a mouse.

    Meanwhile, actual motion senseing works great when its giving you *more* control, not just different control. Buttons are rather limited in terms of what you can express with them.
    WSR bowling or swordfighting would just be inferior with buttons….they would be different games.

    So its really all down to use. Lots of MC stuff is rubbish because they see it as a replacement for buttons…it isn’t. MC is for when you want to give the player more controll over a specific motion not merely remap a action to a gesture.

    This is also where Kiniect fails, as it trys to replace analogue sticks completely. If they had a nunchuck like bit it could work pretty well.

    So really its down to use;

    Buttons are good for fast “triggered” actions. (fire gun)
    IR, like a mouse, is good for X/Y input (aiming)
    Analogue stick is good for moving a character at varying speeds.
    And MC is for specific motions you want replicated. (the precise spin of a bowling ball, the precise angle of a sword).

    Motion controlls can be fantastic, but they are only good for specific things, and not a replacement, but an addition.