Behold, the First Accessory for Kinect – Yes, You Heard That Right

How do you make an accessory for a game system whose claim to fame is that you don’t even need a controller? The GAME BOAT is how.

I always used to rip on Mad Catz back in the day for their gimmicky bootleg controllers and accessories, but Atomic Accessories has gone far above and beyond them with this piece of work. It’s for use with Kinect Adventures, a game that sometimes has the player riding in a boat and jumping around in it. But if you’re worried that you might not trip by yourself in your living room, how about standing in AN ACTUAL BOAT?

Yes, you blow it up, and the company is proud to say it actually works in the water as well. Because you know, it’s a BOAT. In your LIVING ROOM. I suppose it doubles as a pee catcher for when you wet yourself with how much fun you’re having with your brand new Game Boat.

(via Joystiq)


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