Behold, My Latest Geek Wardrobe Addition

So whenever I buy a new item of clothing that’s somehow geek-themed, I tend to share it with you guys. So far there’s been.

Ghost ski mask

Metal Gear Solid Jacket

Direwolves shirt

And now we can add “Artosis Pylon shirt” to that list. You’d have to be a Starcraft fan to get it, and even past that, you’d have to be a fan of professional Starcraft to fully understand the reference. In short, there’s a pro player named Artosis who often powered all his important Protoss buildings with a single Pylon, which if destroyed, would unpower everything. It’s like plugging in all your appliances to a socket controlled by a singular light switch. One flick, and no more power to anything in your house. And so, much to his dismay, the term “Artosis Pylon” was born.

It’s about as nerdy a reference as you can find, but I like buying geek apparel that no one really knows is geek apparel. I just think the geometric design is badass, and if you do as well, buy one here from GLHF.


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