Yeah, You’re Really Doing Cloud Proud There Buddy


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Look kid, we need to talk. Under that tinfoil and ridiculous gel contraption you call hair, you look like a halfway decent looking kid. For the love of God and your future sex life, please stop with this nonsense before it’s too late.

One picture on the internet might be enough to ruin someone’s social life forever, but I have faith that you can overcome it. But if this turns out to be one of a series of horribly cosplayed video game characters, I would abandon all hope of ever getting a date.

So yes, I’m making fun of you, but for serious, change your lifestyle before it changes you.

  • Bert

    He should try cosplaying as Jay from the Kevin Smith movies instead. Much more appropriate.

  • NY not NYC

    …and is that an HHR in the background?

  • Sam

    The worst part is that he’s in public, if even one female sees him, he might as well give himself herpes ’cause there won’t be any danger of it being spread.

  • Stupid!

  • oh man! you’re scary!

  • will

    he looks kinda scrawny too

  • I

    Keep it up dude, you’re gorgeus and if i weren’t going out with my current geek for the last two years straight i would SOOOO go out with you. If that’s something you love doing then go to more Cons, you’ll probably find a really nice girl who appreciates you for who you are. These people are mean and against individuality. Geeks of the current teenage world are next in line to rule it, be proud of who you are. ;]

  • yeah!

    keep it up dude it needs a bit of work but thats badass. u shud run down the street hitting people with it

  • Boobface McJagger

    His face is butt.

  • Dan

    I took this picture in 2006 of my friend. It wasn’t really a cosplay–it was “blue” night at a youth function we were going to. We both picked characters that were blue. I’ll see if I can find the companion picture to this one, in which I was dressed as Nightcrawler from the X-Men. At least my makeup and tail looked pretty awesome. So funny how this image has circulated though.

  • Enigma

    Dude I know this guy, it’s Il Neige from “What We Had to Watch” its so nice to know that a costume 10 years ago has had more effect then any of his videos

  • Nick

    Il Neige and his movie reviews are hilarious. He doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment.