Awesome Organ Grinder Costume Acceptable in Minute Long Doses


Any longer than that and it would probably start to drive you nuts.

I know I did a post yesterday that was ten costumes you need to see on video, but I have to jam in this one which I missed here today. It’s the Organ Grinder from Zelda, who plays that theme over and over again. Sure, this is at an anime expo rather than Halloween, but it’s exceptionally tough to separate good Halloween costume from cosplay on the internet, so whatever.

In other Halloween news, prepare to send us your best costumes for a post we’ll put up next week. If you’re doing something awesome and current, please send it over to, and we may feature it. If you think you’re too old for Halloween, that’s lame. I enjoy it more now than I ever did. Beer is better than candy!

  • cornelius

    Never played Zelda, so I had no idea what this was supposed to be. At first I thought it was a “dick in a box” joke since the box was on his crotch and it was an “organ” grinder. Kept waiting for a springy snake or dick to pop out of the box lid. That woulda been pretty damn sweet.

    Sometimes my imagination leaves me disappointed with reality. 🙁

  • MR

    I posted this on reddit the other day. This sums up cosplay for me. The ability to wow everyone with your presence. Giving them an immediate nostalgia attack of awesomeness. just wait until you see what I’ve been building Paul. Just be aware it isnt going to ready until May, but I assure you it will be worth the wait. 😉