Arkham Asylum Screens Make You Miss Heath Ledger


If there’s one thing that Arkham Asylum is proving, it’s that Batman and the Joker can still both be cool Bale-less, Ledger-less and Nolan-less. Although don’t get me wrong, if Chris Nolan took the plot of this, electroshocked Heath back to life and made this the third movie, it would be ****ing spectacular. The Joker gets sent to Arkham and breaks all the other inmates out? I can only imagine how much that would have ruled with Ledger’s Joker at the helm.

Anyways, the game looks pretty great too, as evidenced by this little gallery below:


  • Meats

    No it would not have “ruled” with that Joker.
    That was one series of comic books, don’t drag it into everything else.

    I personally would like my real Joker back.

  • I personally would prefer Ledger in the movie than this one in the game.