And Now a Gamer Alignment Chart

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What’s that you say? You want more D&D alignment charts? Well you’re in luck, because after yesterday’s The Wire entry, I have one based around not characters, but gamers themselves, and I think it’s pretty damn accurate.

I would say most of the time I’m True Neutral, as I only bother putting a headset on to party chat with my friends. But I will say I veer into chaotic good sometimes when I’ve been killed by the same camper, noob tuber or armor locker five straight times. A switch flips and all of a sudden I do nothing else until I hunt him down and end his madness. I still would never teabag in any situation though. If I ever start doing that, please shoot me. In real life.

Which category do you fall under?

  • Metallimetal

    I find myself identifying with nearly all of them, it just depends on who I’m playing with, and what game…

    …I would say that I’m more of a “True Neutral”, though.

  • Th3st0rmk1ng

    usually im a neutral alhough i have been all of the evils a couple times and also a chaotic good including the teabagging

  • Limitus

    the golden middle^^

  • Depends on the game, but typically Neutral Good.

  • thegreatfatsby

    The guy in the picture looks almost identical to a guy I know. So close it’s uncanny. He’s an angry gamer as well.

    I’d say most of the time I don’t care too much unless there is the aforementioned camper or constant grenade launcher guy in the game. Then I will not care how many times anyone else kills me so long as I hunt him down and mercilessly kill him.

    Favourite way of doing so is to get behind them and go right up to them until I can pull a pistol out and execute them. So many times in Black Ops I’ve caught guys out using the motion sensor when they don’t know I’m using hacker pro.

    But I’d say I’m mostly the neutral guy in the middle.

  • True neutral. Unless I’m playing with friends, then it’s chaotic evil.

  • Daniel

    Chaotic Evil ftw.

  • Mumu

    True Neutral. I can’t seem to open my mouth or be bothered to type LOL at every boring joke, which is all of em -.-