An Unreality Shoutout in Borderlands 2?

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I was doing boss runs of The Bunker in Borderlands 2 yesterday when I picked up a custom head skin that caught my eye. It’s called the “Unreality,” and it’s absolutely, probably, most definitely not a shoutout to our site. But I’m going to pretend it is.

No, the design has no relation to our colors or logo, and no, I did not invent the word “unreality.” But maybe, just maybe, someone who works at Gearbox reads our site?

Nah. Whatever, though. It was still very cool to find, and I had to equip it out of principle, and it will be the last thing Handsome Jack sees before he dies.

  • GrandWazoo

    that’s a pretty awesome coincidence there. i would definitely be telling people there’s a connection, even though there probably isn’t.

  • MattChi

    Pretty badass skin too! All mine suck so far 🙁

    All I want is Zero murdered out in like a black duster with red demon eyes.

  • trashcanman

    Sweeeet. Lots and lots of shoutouts in that game. If I recall correctly, Zero has skins that reference Battletoads and Serenity as well.

  • Have you considered quickly revamping the site to look like their design and claiming that it IS a shoutout?

  • perdition

    yeah it’s a shoutout/pop culture reference thing. most things in the game are shoutouts and references. they really wanted to make up for duke nukem.

  • My favorite so far is the Deadpool skin.

    I could also just make him blue, and then it would look more like a shoutout.

  • some guy

    lets just assume it is and recognize this website kicks major ass!!

  • Santi

    I’m looking for this head.

    Willing to trade Space Knight (Commando) head for it.

    Farming Bunker makes me sad. Xbox gamertag = pretty long eh