An Insane Archer Skillshot in Skyrim


There will be many, many videos coming out about the ridiculous things happening all across Skyrim from five million players or so. Some will involve luck, like a mammoth goring a dragon to death with his tusks, but some will involve skill like this one.

I haven’t messed around with archery too much with my brute force melee character who’s too busy lopping heads off, but some fantastic archers out there are trying to perfect their skills to gain internet fame. This is the first video that really seems worthy of that honor.

You don’t know where the arrows going at first, but when you figure it out, you start laughing before it even hits.

  • hun23

    Wow, he’s even more annoying in French

  • mindstormy

    Just wanted to say, long time reader here, but the ad on your site for some crappy new mtv show ruins it for me. It made your website look like a myspace from hell. Sry mate but I’m out till this gets resolved.

  • Limitus

    @mindstormy: ever heard of adblock?

  • Just. Too. Awesome.


  • Giovani

    @mindstormy: ever heard of not being a faggot?

  • ben

    I have to try that. I hate that Talos priest

  • VileThings

    Not as funny as the bucket-on-heads-so-you-can-steal-anything-video but it still made me chuckle.

    It’s actually pretty cool to do a nice trick-shot or simply a very lucky one, where you shoot an arrow, that you give up on right after it leaves your bow, just to be rewarded with a nice or even spectacular kill.

  • carlip

    this just proves they did fix what made oblivion not good.

  • Poor guy..he had no idea and even seen you shoot the arrow..:(

  • Ivel Le Cog

    @VileThings Can you post a link to that vid?