An Amazing Mass Effect Assault Rifle Replica

Usually if we have a gallery like this here, we’re showcasing gorgeous and well made costumes, not accessories, but sometimes every so often one comes along that’s truly stunning, and that’s how I feel about this Mass Effect N7 assault rifle.

It’s fashioned by Vulpin Props, a pro studio who clearly knows what they’re doing. There are a bunch more shots of the gun in action which you can check out below, and if you want to see the ENTIRE process of what it took to make the gun, you can check it out at their blog here.

I think we’ve found the people who should be crafting this stuff for the promised Mass Effect movie. Good lord, do I ever hope that doesn’t end up being terrible.

  • It’s cool but doesn’t look like any assault rifle that appears in the games. It looks like it’s modeled mostly after the avenger though.

  • Braider

    As it was made for BioWare for ComicCon, it’s about as official as you can get.

  • Nick


    It says on the Volpin Props site that: “This is the N7 rifle (which, at the time of this writing, I don’t think has even been formally announced yet!)”.

    From the looks of it it’s just one guy doing this in his spare time which is pretty epic – I wish I had skills like that.

  • james

    awesome so how much is it an weres da ammo XD