An Absurdly Old School ET Video Game Commercial


How old is this commercial exactly? Well, half of it is actually explaining to the consumer to process of buying and setting up a video game console, by purchasing the game seperately and wiring it into your TV. This is back when people barely even comprehended what a video game was.

Incidentally, ET was universally reviled as one of the WORST games of all time, so much so that unsold copies of the game were buried in a landfill in New Mexico. Does that sound made up? Of course it does, but I promise you, it is NOT. Yeah, read that.

  • Sewell

    Is that the kid from Monster Squad?

  • piperjedi

    I do believe that is indeed Andre Gower from the Monster Squad in that commecial… I can also concur that the E.T. game sucked for Atari. I mean even as a little kid playing it I thought it was pretty lame.