Alright ‘Queen’s Blade,’ Time to Dial it Back a Notch


Look, I can appreciate how other people appreciate large-breasted anime chicks, but this latest batch of Queen’s Blade screenshots is just losing all concept of reality and physics. Look at those things! They’re not boobs, they’re actually bags filed with sand, as Steve Carrell might say. They’re throw pillows, watermelons, flesh torpedos, and all other other pseudonyms that never have literally translated before, until now.

I’ve got one more you have to see after the jump. I think it’s going for “sexy librarian MILF meets Ivy from Soul Calibur,” but I can’t be sure. Maybe they balance out that comically oversized sword.


“Timmy, you have to stop breastfeeding. You’re ten.”

  • Madison

    The bottom one looks like an anime Palin.

  • espensor

    I don’t understand what the problem is.

  • carx

    the top set of knockers look like the legs of a chubby My little pony.