All Pokemon’s Starters, All Grown Up

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Yes, I know I’ve been slacking on my traditional Pokemon posts lately in favor of an endless amount of Portal 2 stuff, but never fear, I’ve got a great one for you today.

It’s from artist Kuroi Tsuki, and it’s taken the starters from the last five games and showed them grown up and fully evolved in all their fiery, leafy and watery glory.

I’ll be damned if I can name more than five of them total, and I’ll also be damned if in the two games I did play, I didn’t pick the fire on both times. But I actually beat the first game so many times, my final 3v3 dream team was a level 100 Charizard, Venusaur and Blastoise. Mewtwo was for cheaters.

  • ScubaSteve

    Hello new wallpaper.

  • suss2it

    ^Great minds think alike. Or maybe fools seldom differ?

  • joey

    anyone know what the pokemons thats looks like a pig with three claws(fire), a snake-jester(grass) and a sort of lika a narwhal? on left top corner(water)