A Wedding Gift


So my college roommate is getting married today, and to commemorate our two years of endless video game playing together, I drew him this epic battle scene between Link and Kratos. I’m sorry, but I have to put money on Kratos here.

Don’t worry, I got him a real gift too. Congrats Anton and Lyndsey, who won’t be reading this because they’ll be in Jamaica. Live long and prosper and all that, I know you will.

  • Velovan

    That drawing is a hell of a lot better than a set a of silverware or a toaster.

  • ash

    i wish you were my friend. all my friends always get me lame shit.

  • Orleanas

    That’s quite another talent you go there, Paul. And like Ash, I wish you were my friend. And like any friend who recognizes that talent and wants to benefit from it, I’d ask you to draw me something Gargoyles related. That’s a pretty badass (and thoughtful) gift.

    P.S. You didn’t ask for it, but since I’m a chick, and into aesthetics of composition and the like, I would say X that frame you got going around that pic. It seems to cage what you, yourself, describe as an epic battle that seems so vibrant, colorful and full of life. Reconsider the frame. I recommend a frame that is contemporary–glass and metal.

  • Spizzy

    Link would kill Kratos.

  • chrystani

    I have to agree with Orleanas on this one.

    A metal frame would be awesome.

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