A Terrifyingly Sexy Gallery of Night Elf Cosplay


I don’t trust myself to get within 30 feet of World of Warcraft, for fear that I will become hopelessly addicted to it and wake up thirty years later living under a bridge playing via stolen wi-fi as the rest of my life lays in shambles. Therefore, I’m not exactly an expert on the subject of Night Elves, which is one of the classes races in the game. Here’s what I’ve deduced:

– They are magical

– They are hot

– They are part goat

– Part smurf

– Part Zelda

– Part stripper

– And part elf

How am I doing? In any case, I find that they’re a frequent subject of uber-professional cosplay, and make for some of the best costumes I’ve ever seen in the field. Here’s a gallery of hot night elves that will also freak you out just a little bit. Anyone who didn’t paint their skin purple is cheating.



















  • Anonymous

    Night Elf is a Race, not a class.

  • Nerd comments don’t count Anon.

  • Didn’t find a sexy one (except the korean ones, or whatever her “race” is)… But as always the koreans are cheating when it comes to cosplay…

  • Tishy

    This is a mix of Night Elves and Blood Elves, but most of these costumes are amazing.

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  • Madison

    @ SeargentMac

    Congrats – your comment amused me more than all others this day.

  • SirEdward
  • I find it cool, but as you see Asians are better and pretty. Don’t you think so? And on the other hand, this game is good.

  • Bobby

    Unreality just became a porn site for wow nerds.

  • That’s always been our goal.

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  • stuetzl

    funny, how princess leia’s bikini has influenced the night-elf underwear/costumes

  • Bec

    They aren’t part goat… I think that is the Draenei.

    Epic- seriously anyone who has enough confidence to wear THAT shouldn’t be playing WoW.

  • Gothzilla

    THANX! I made all the Blood Elves and Night Elves for Blizzard and believe me, strapping 8 models into their costumes and painting 4 of them purple… Actually paint THEN costume… with all of them and my crew crammed into 2 small hotel rooms. Now that I think about it, that WAS fun! (But not half as much as scrubbing the purple OFF the girls!


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  • Love the Asian ones. I want to be a world of Warcraft night elf for halloween!!! But do they sell night elf extensions, armor costume, weapons anywhere? Next halloween I’m gonna be a nelf :)!

  • Angelress

    All the American NEs and BEs don’t look that good. The Asians are fine, they just don’t have the right noses. All of their other features compliment those of an elf – the kinda pale skin, small mouths, and general body shape. I’m not going to say anything about the eyes.
    On the other hand, American people have the noses, they have a variety of mouths, and of course, the eyes are the correct shape. But there’s just something about them that doesn’t look so … elf-like.
    Conclusion: asians make the best elves.

  • AbominableSnowDude

    If all you WoW chicks are that hot, I might start getting into it…