A Surprisingly Excellent Modern Warfare 2 Fan Film, Frozen Crossing


Well damn, if it isn’t “Impressive YouTube Video Friday.” I thought PIXELS was great enough, watching 8-bit video game characters level New York City, but now we have Modern Warfare: Frozen Crossing.

It’s a fan film made as a “tribute” to the game, and it’s careful to not actually use anything from the series to avoid being shot down by Activision. This results in things like Ghost’s name being changed to “Spectre” and a complete lack of any Modern Warfare badging at all.

It’s one of those snow-stealth missions from the game brought to life, where the players (or in this case, actors) trudge through the snow in the forest and amidst warehouses to find a target.

This is only part one of a larger series, but it looks like it has a pretty damn decent budget, and I’m very excited to see more.

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