A Secret Weapon in Doom II


Just thought I’d share this video with you which has footage of a hidden weapon in Doom II that no one knew existed until now.

OH SNAP! It’s another vuvuzela joke! Yeah, I’m going video with it this time. Or is YouTube still ruining all my jokes by having the title in the video pane before it starts playing?

For past few days, most YouTube videos have a little soccer ball icon button, that when pressed, gives you the full vuvuzela effect on your video. For a company that loses a ton of money every month and has massive buffering and playback issues, they have a pretty good sense of humor.

Play this video and click the ball to drown out the douche talking about the vuvuzela button with the vuvuzela button.

  • Kristoph

    Hahahahaha I just instantly started cracking up the moment he ran into baddies

  • Bryan

    1) I hate you for showing this to me.
    2) Freaking hilarious!

    In retrospect, I’m surprised that the vuvu doesn’t work this way in real life.