A Sad Yet Somewhat Endearing Sonic The Hedgehog Cosplay Gallery


It’s time for another cosplay gallery here at Unreality, and today we’ll look at people dressed up as Sonic the Hedgehog.  Most of these costumes are pretty bad, but in fairness, it’s always difficult to dress as an animal (as opposed to, I don’t know, Cloud or Sora).  Yet, you still have to respect the guys and gals that went to the trouble of trying their best to look like their favorite video game spiny mammal.  I tried my best to find costumes that were homemade instead of those that looked like they were bought.  Enjoy the Sonic the Hedgehog cospay gallery, after the jump:

On second thought, this Sonic costume may have been bought, but it’s pretty good.  These types look cosplay-ier than the ones with the big cartoon-looking Sonic heads.


Here’s an impatient Sonic, doing his passive aggressive thing because you haven’t touched the controller for a while.


Alright, this one is just creepy.  Graphic novels section?  This Sonic looks like he’d get off to some Hentai anthology.


This is the cartoon head to which I was referring.  I’m guessing this costume would be a big hit at a Furry convention.


This race shouldn’t be particularly close.


This Sonic chick looks a little bit like…oh, I don’t know…Edward Furlong?


This pic I found at Seganerds.com shows someone dressed as a hedgehog on the right, and the original Hedgehog dressed as Mario.



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