A Rather Interesting Nintendo Infographic

I’ve moved away from posting infographics recently, as since they became popular, their quality has generally plummeted pretty hard. But I did enjoy this one that was sent to me that focuses on the gaming behemoth Nintendo, and much of it displays just how massive the company is.

The full graphic is after the jump, and it’s full of interesting facts like I didn’t actually know that Nintendo meant something specific in Japanese. I also didn’t realize that the Wii and DS are now the greatest selling console and handheld respectively of all time. That’s pretty insane, and I’m not sure if that’s good or bad news.

Check out the full image below:

  • MrSnakke

    Hey! I have fond memories of that cereal. It tasted like lucky charms and it had 2 cereals in 1 box! 2 VIDEOGAME (Mario and Zelda, no less) CEREALS FOR THE PRICE OF 1 BOX. lol

  • Guy Incognito

    Wii is the best-selling NINTENDO console of all time. It’s still got 35 million to go to pass the PS1 and it’s not even halfway to selling as many as the PS2.

  • Guy Incognito

    More poor information: Nintendo is only a larger company than Yahoo! and Nike on that list. It’s not even close to the rest. Nintendo has about 4000 employees and total assets of $20 billion. Sony has 168 000 employees and total assets of $137 billion. Target has 351 000 employees and $44 billion in assets. Panasonic has 385 000 employees and $89 billion in assets.

  • Guy Incognito

    And again: In 2008 Nintendo made just under $3 billion in profit. Divided by about 4000 employees you have $750 000 per employee. Still impressive but far from the stated $1.28 million per employee.

  • Nyxaria

    hopefully nintendo can match up with xbox and ps3 with there next console .. not with sales rather with grafics and titles (i never had buy an wii and played the new amario games without my gf which wanted the wii for wii sports 🙂

    @ Guy Incognito

    >”best selling NINTENDO console”

    >you dont know by which criteria “largest company” is messed by in that chart as it just dont stand there

    >and its states “made per employee” not “profit per employee”

  • Drester

    @ Guy Incognito

    Dude, just say you love playstation and be done with it.

    About being a larger company then Sony. They looked at market cap, Sony had a market cap of 36.96 billion and Nintendo 48.07 billion.
    The financial times did a piece about the finances of Nintendo. The newspaper estimates that Nintendo produces more than $1.6 million per employee that’s more than investment bank Goldman Sachs’ $1.24 million per employee during its best year in 2007

    I love Nintendo

  • Nintendo was founded in 1889, what the f**k did they make then????

  • jordanderson

    Some neat facts there (some untrue). I mainly like the fact that the stack of NES cartridges seems to be coming from Nova Scotia.

  • wizzy

    @The reviewer

    Hahaha adhd to the max. They made playing cards, you’d know that if you finished reading the sentence where it said they started in 1889.

  • You forgot one fact that totally made me dislike this infograph! Nintendo owns the MLB Seatle Mariners! I believe it got bought between 2001-2003 (I’m not sure).

  • Bigger then Sony, I had not idea how big they are.

    They are Japanese right?

  • My little kids LOVE their DSi, we have two in the house and Wii.

  • Bruce

    Yeah, some statistics are blatantly fallacious, but for the most part this graphic is accurate.
    Where did the stack of NES cartridges come from? Where are the 530 million of them? I’m a fairly young gamer and I haven’t seen a single one of them in 10 years. Or maybe the author forgot that CD’s and gameboy cartridges are a lot smaller than NES catridges, and just wanted the bigger stack for effect, even if the actual cartridges sold are much less, under 500 million. Granted, TOTAL Nintendo video game sales are massive enough to put a game into the hands of over half the people on the planet, but still. Like others have pointed out, the PS2 has sold more consoles than any system, handheld or otherwise, (maybe even more than any electronic device, period?) And has sold more games than any system, handheld or otherwise. Nice of the author to include only Microsoft and Sony’s absolute weakest competitors, with all consoles in regard.