A Rap About Probe Mining in Mass Effect 2? Yes, Please


I’ve zero idea what would inspire someone to write and record a rap track about strip mining planets with probes in Mass Effect 2, but here we have Kabuto the Python doing just that in “Those Minerals,” which I’ve embedded above.

The main focus of the track is mining, for some reason, but it also brings in other parts of Mass Effect lore, mainly how Miranda is a ho and how good Serrice Ice Brandy is. It also features a pretty great remix of the Mass Effect theme itself, and it’s worth a listen just for that aspect alone.

Is this part of a series? Kabuto, if you’re out there, I would totally buy an album made up entirely of Mass Effect remixes.

[artist page]

  • Bret

    I just have to say, this is seriously an incredibly well done song. Haha. If someone told me, “Hey, so, like, there’s this rap song about ME2. You should listen to it,” I’d probably just roll my eyes and walk away.

    Quoting Snatch? That’s super extra points. And it’s just quality all-over. Makes me laugh, and it’s got a good groove to it.

    Thanks a bunch for the link! 😀

  • Bethypants

    “I’m Commander Shepard and this is my favorite song in the Citadel” 😛

  • i dont get it,probing can go on forever, i have over 100,000 probes on each list but what do we do with them? how do we use them? a bit lost, any help would be great,
    and also, did mass effect one have probing ?