A Pokemon Encounter in the Real World


(click to enlarge)

This awesome photo (yes, photo) comes from Alexander Quinn a man with a good eye and a collection of Pokemon action figures. A while ago, I showed you a “realistic” gallery of Pokemon, but this is the first photo I’ve seen of what it might look like in the physical world minus photoshop.

Where’s Charmander? He was always the best. Who WOULDN’T pick the starting Pokemon that grows up to be a dragon? Ember FTW.

  • lol

    Dude enough with the pokemons, srly

  • chrystani


    You can’t knock a dude for his passion. You could always go somewhere else.

    Or maybe you shouldn’t comment, then he’ll get no one reads it right?….

    That will teach him.


  • L4NkYb

    Despite the fact that he was the weakest one in game, Charizard is a freaking beast. And you could get him for essentially free.

  • Bobby

    I always chose the squirtle because it evolved into a tank, turtle thing!

  • Ermac

    Hmm… I think they should remake red and blue for the newer consoles and the above could be a screenshot