A New Challenger Approaches – Lena as Lara Croft

So over the past few years, we’ve featured a countless amount of hot girl game characters cosplayed by various real life hot girl gamers. Or at least models pretending to like games.

But there’s one rack that launched a thousand ships. That would be that of Lara Croft, the original game character that everyone had a crush on, no matter how lame it may have been.

Lara Croft cosplay used to be a booming business, but now as her games have fallen out of favor (for the most part) so has the character, and we’re more likely to see sexy Pokemon than a sexy cave explorer these days.

But one woman is leading the charge to bring Croft back. Lena Seelbinder has done a million crunches and crafted a bunch of outfits for the character which you can see in this fantastic gallery below. Enjoy:

  • Gabriel

    She definiately has rockin abs.

  • Snoowy

    She definitely wins my vote for best Lara Croft! When does her nude patch come out? AMIRITE?

    Very awesome though. Well done

  • http://allaboutpakistani.wordpress.com/ All About Pakistani

    sexy picture she looks like tomb raider

  • Josh

    Definitely not! She does not have the number one requisite for being Lara Croft – TITS! Lara has to have outrageously huge tits. This girl barely has any.