A Nephologic Gallery of Cloud Strife Cosplay


Perhaps the most common character we see cosplayers dressing up as is Cloud Strife from the Final Fantasy series (and, of course, Kingdom Hearts).  With his spiky blond hair and gigantic Buster Sword, Cloud is just about unmistakable.  As is the case with all cosplay, some of the costumes look incredibly impressive and bad ass (although I am somewhat loathe to refer to a video game costume as “bad ass”), and others – the ones we really like – are pathetic and laughable.  Sort of like my “clever” play on words for the title of this gallery.  Alright, enough rambling: after the jump, enjoy the Cloud Strife cosplay gallery.


A very impressive Cloud, especially the hair.  I could never get my Jewish hair to be this straight.


This Cloud is a girl, but it looks like she can handle the Buster Sword just fine.


Taking names in the classroom.


Remember the hair in the first picture?  This is the opposite of that.


Cloud ain’t sweatin’ Boba Fett and Elektra.


This Cloud looks pretty scary, actually.


Dressing up wasn’t enough; this guy had to strike some poses, too.  This reminds me of my first year of law school when a kid started doing Tai-chi in the school’s courtyard during an event.  It went over real well; nobody made fun of him.


Cloud – and many Final Fantasy characters in general – have that Peter Pan thing going where a girl may actually be better at playing the part than a guy.


Cloud gets 70 miles per gallon on this hog.


Looks like Cloud is quite pleased with himself.


Please, please form a rap group.


Cloud the necrophiliac?


Hmmm…this pic would have been great in another gallery of ours….


Charles Wilson Sports Hall can’t handle this Cloud.

  • Dorkus Malorkus

    In the “rap group” photo, isn’t that Sora, not Cloud? And is the person dressed as Axel male or female? And why is Link so scary? It’s all a bit unsettling.

  • Madison

    @ Dorkus

    Oh yeah, is that Sora? I thought Sora had dark hair, though. I could be persuaded either way.

  • McD

    That Cloud with the zombie on him is Dante from WCG Ultimate Gamer.


  • Elsa

    I thought the “rap group” one was Tidus?

  • agito_is_my_name

    you dont gona belive it, there is some guy that walk with that hairstyle on streets(same face, same hair,same eyes)

  • OMG!
    my boyfriend!!♥
    is the first cloud!
    ajajja this is so LOL
    and he are so cute ♥!!!

  • Oh, My God, haha I’m the first Cloud in this Gallery hahah Thanks for put my picture here ^^

    and thanks to my girlfriend “lilith” for write to me haha, kiss!


  • evo_lockhart

    agito,.you don’t even look like cloud,.

    don’t be stupid man!!! XD

  • Jk…

    Love the pic’s…but to tell u the truth the best was cloud1.jpg….
    but awesome pic’s! XD

  • CloudStrife

    Yeah by far the Jpg.1 is best for Cloud.

  • blackheart

    the guy @ the 3rd and 4th pic sucks.. LOL

  • Hey I’m a Cloud cosplayer too! Maybe you can add my pixture to your gallery here. Facebook me if you’re interested. I’m A-La West Cloudy Strife on facebook.

  • Safdreon

    dude the second picture rocks it really really look like cloud but the rest are lame

  • Amber
  • FFVII_ Fan

    i really the 2nd Cloud because his hair is the coolest.
    Can’t you see, it’s so cute!!!