A Man and His Love for Worgen

Who’s crazier? A man who gets eight poorly drawn tattoos of Neytiri from Avatar on his back, or a man who gets one giant fantastic mural of a fictionally wolf warrior from World of Warcraft? I think it’s a tie where everyone  loses.

I don’t know his name, but this guy loves World of Warcraft SO much, he’s happy with a full back tat for life of his favorite character. Whether the game is still relevant in five or ten years is debatable, but hopefully WoW2 will have Worgen or else he’ll feel mighty foolish.

I may feel a special bond to my Paragon Shepard in Mass Effect or my Immortal King Barbarian in Diablo, but good lord, why would I EVER get them permanently etched on my skin? I think you need about 5,000 hours of bonding time with your character for your relationship to ascend to that level.


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