A Look Behind Rockstar’s New Awesome Facial Capture Tech


One of the major complaints of Rockstar games, despite their massive popularity in recent years, is that their character models have yet to catch up with their environments in terms of graphic prowess. This results in something like a gorgeous rendering of NYC in GTA IV, but then all the main characters look like they have birth defects.

But for their next character driven title, LA Noire, they’ve spent a ton of resources fixing this issue, and have used technology reminiscent of James Cameron’s Avatar to capture real life actors facial expressions, and render them in the game. The effect is almost TOO good, as the faces are so hyperrealistic now, they don’t quite match the bodies beneath them.

It is fascinating tech though, and hopefully it can be used in other titles as well. I could recognize Mad Men actor Aaron Staton in the game before I even saw him in real life. That’s some amazing stuff right there. Check it out above.


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