A Look at the Updated PS3 Motion Controller


Sony Computer Entertainment Chief Kaz Hirai pulled an updated version of the PS3 motion controller out of his pocket for a brief second at the Tokyo Game Show, but not brief enough for someone at G4 not to snap a picture of it. So how does it look?

Well, like a black Wii controller with a ping pong ball on the end. Or some sort of futuristic sex toy, it depends on what kind of person you are I guess.

Natal still is, and will always be better in my book, because even if this is 1 to 1, it’s still a controller, and if we’ve learned anything from Apple, simpler is better, and nothing’s more simple than standing in your living room, waving your empty hands around.

This next generation of console wars is going to be interesting, because it won’t really be console wars at all, it’s going to be “motion control wars” that use existing consoles with expensive hi-tech add-ons. Guess we’ll have to push photorealistic graphics back another few years.

  • Madison

    I hope this is a fad that peaks in a few years and then goes away forever. I like playing my games moving only my fingers.

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  • Marcus

    I don’t see Natal being terribly well suited for much beyond the more casual-style games. At some point you’ll have to pick up a peripheral of some sort, say when you go put your name in the game or want to bring up a menu (without cluttering your screen with icons to constantly swat at).

  • xXburekXx

    i think this whole motion control thing will pass with the 3d TV’s