A Link to the Future

It’s one of those jokes that when you see it you go, “How has no one thought of that until now?”

This “Link to the Future” design definitely looks like it’s from a t-shirt, but through endless amounts of image searching, I cannot seem to locate it. But it’s probably one of those Threadless “you must buy this in the next 45 minutes or we’ll burn the design” deals anyway.

I have to say, a badass sports car is a far cooler time traveling device than a fruity flute. Just kidding, I love Ocarina tunes. I’ve had Epona’s Song stuck in my head for years.

  • BuddyLee
  • Jbo

    Threadless doesn’t do the buy-now-or-it’s-gone deal. Your job is the do stuff on the Internet, do some research.

  • Andy

    fuck. shit. balls. ok so this post has nothing to do with Link to the Future but I have no other way to contact you PAUL TASSI. I just wanted to reccomend a UK tv show called: The Inbetweeners. I dont know if u have seen it but it’s hilarious. If u could do a post on it I’m sure your readers would love it. Well that’s it. Take it easy and thanks for Unreality Mag!

  • Lagrange

    mhm, what do you mean by you can’t find it? If I copypaste “Link to the Future” into google images the t-shirt pops up four times on the first page. (Also, the comments here are getting more and more rude somehow)

  • Lagrange

    On another note:

    The RedLetterMedia review of Episode 3 is going to be up today or tomorrow!

    [You didn’t even feature the StarWars review 🙁 it was very good!]

  • Lagrange

    [You didn’t even feature the StarTrek (the new one) review…]