A Left 4 Dead Fan Film Trailer


Since no one is bothering to make any good video game movies, and probably won’t any time soon, fans are taking it upon themselves to bring their favorite games to life.

I never thought Left 4 Dead really had the plot for its own film, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t cool to see the characters in real life in this fan made teaser trailer. I believe it’s a preview of a longer upcoming film, and I can’t wait to see what they do with it. With their level of passion, fans often make better products than the professionals do now.

  • Morono

    this looks awesome.

  • Victoria

    Looks great, but where’s Bill?

  • How To Destroy Angels made that trailer awesome.

  • George

    Bill’s dead, he’s the one the zombies are eating. It’s his military jacket that dead guy’s wearing, and Zoey has his hat.

  • L’autre

    Can’t believe the ressemblance of the characters, especially Louis and Zoe! Can’t wait for the full length movie!

  • carlip

    Kill Louis! He is always stealing med paks, and setting off car alarms going for the stereo…

  • winston

    don’t worry guys Bill’s gonna show up again when they reach a closet