A Hilarious Little Girl Plays Skyrim


This is a rather funny video that I was surprised to learn is causing some controversy on the internet. It’s a little girl whose parents let her play Skyrim for a minute. Her reactions to what’s going on onscreen (her being told to leave someone’s house, her yelling no, her killing him and the town guard swarming her) are absolutely hilarious.

But some are complaining that a kid this young shouldn’t be allowed to play an M-rated title, and to actually kill someone no less as well. While I will agree that regular Skyrim sessions are probably not in the kid’s best interest, if they’re just letting her play around with the game for a minute, I hardly think its child abuse. Now if she was running around for five hours a day after preschool murdering villagers left and right, I might be a bit more afraid for her future prospects, but as it stands, I have no problem with this and will just appreciate it as being hilarious. Be sure to watch all the way to the end, that’s my favorite part.

  • What’s the big deal? Judging by the last few seconds, her understanding of the lesson to learned here is clear as a bell.

  • Jeff

    I think Sara C. is right. At the end I’m pretty sure she said “people don’t want to be sworded.” So, lesson learned I guess lol

  • Gabriel

    If you notice the xbox controller isn’t even on so she wasn’t playing, still cute though lol. People need to relax, I was playing Diablo when I was 7 and I am perfectly normal

  • VileThings

    Some people just need to stop feeling outraged over every little thing. It’s not like she’s getting any positive reinforcement from her parents for killing that npc as in “go kill another one” or “good job”.

    There are a lot more games with more explicit violence out there that would be a hell of a lot more questionable to let a kid play (even for a few minutes).

  • Kristoph

    I played GTA a lot growing up.

    Still not allowed near a vehicle till this day.