A Gorgeous Gallery of the Best Princess Zelda Cosplayer in the World


We’ve featured a lot of cosplayers on this site in the past year or so, but I’m not sure we’ve ever seen one quite like this, which is why she’s getting her own post.

This is a Princess Zelda costume that yes, features a very cute girl, but it’s so detailed and picture perfect that the result is an almost seamless blend of real life and animation, something I can barely ever say I’ve seen before in the world of fantasy costuming before.

Sure, her Link still looks like a bit of a tool (I maintain its practically impossible to come up with an effective Link costume), but she definitely balances him out.

Check her out below, and if any of you intrepid readers can come up with a name, let me know.

















  • Madison

    Amazing detail – these are great photos!

  • moron4hire

    god, this photographer sucks.

  • Spike

    Well teh cosplay is amazing , but the photographs/ pothogarer is bad , blurry grainy .

  • The background totally makes the scene to be honest.
    The dress looks great as well, but I really don’t think I’d have been wow’ed nearly as much without the setting.

  • Mark

    Ears look a little fake…especially how they’re colored differently from her natural skin…minor nitpick….but the costume overall is wonderful.

  • wh173

    “god, this photographer sucks.”


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  • Were these shot at the Gaylord Manor in Dallas TX? I did a shoot there, and it looks like the same place.

  • tardotronic


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  • Isn’t this from that amateur Zelda movie?
    Looks awfully similar to me.

  • T-Bagg
  • B.BarNavi

    “Sure, her Link still looks like a bit of a tool (I maintain its practically impossible to come up with an effective Link costume), but she definitely balances him out.”

    “He” is a girl. And not only that, one of the better Link cosplayers out there.

    Besides, Ichigokitty does a better Midna.

  • cyndirella

    *photographer doesn’t “suck” necessarily, a lot of the blurriness and graininess is from editting (though, agreed on a few pictures)
    *yes, the ears are fake, duh. and agreed as well it would look a thousand times better if they were latex ears that were given the specialty of someone taking the time to make them look real, but the idea here is that she is by far the best of the Zelda princess cosplayers out there.

    Quit hating ppl!
    It was a great job!
    Props definitely. I think it would look more realistic if the costumes were hand made rather than bought, with older fabrics. and again, latex ears rather than plastic ones. The scenic backgrounds definitely made the shoot….but she did great (and so did her Link – female – partner, just a bad costume, yet again, needs to be hand-made!)

  • Amazing! I like her very much!

  • I think the photos are supposed to be a bit blurry, not to mention they are also low-res. In Twilight Princess the game’s whole feeling is during the hour of twilight, so it’s probably to make the images seem more “dreamy.”

    I’m also pretty sure Lillyxandra makes all of her own costumes, so just think about that when you look at the dress.

    The “guy” is Pikmin Link — who infact is an AMAZING cosplayer as well. She got invited to E3 as LINK from TP so if that’s not something to meet Miyamoto, I don’t know what is. Personally, these two are the best Zelda and Link cosplayers out there — hands down, and the fact they got together to take a shoot is simply just awesome <3

  • Awesome collection! Good Job

  • BKP

    I personally think ThePrincessZelda does a better job of cosplaying as Princess Zelda.



  • Lillyxandra (Joellen) makes all of her own costumes. This is her website: http://www.firefly-path.net

  • chrystani

    tardotronicon 15 Mar 2010 at 6:51 pm

    Um no shit!!!
    Because its a real Princess Zelda’s running out in the world right?

  • sarcastic

    it could use some more tilted camera shots

  • this is dumb

  • hmmmmm fap fap fap 😉

  • guy

    nice, but the cheap elf ears ruin it for me.

  • I recognize the setting its inside the resort of the Gaylord Texan Resort in Grapevine Texas!

  • gir

    NOOOOOOOOOO XD I know a girl that cosplayed the princess and looked better that hear!


  • Wow I dissagree with most of these comments. I think the photos look great! Also the comment about the Link was stupid because she is possibly the best Link cosplayer I have ever seen! Also her elf ears are great I think! Of course they are going to look a bit fake because, wake up call, they are!
    Just look at the details on the costume! I doubt any of you could do it as good as JoEllen!

  • C

    Hey Mallory: get life.

    p.s. Anyone who would take the time to do something like this really, really needs to get a life. I mean seriously, unless you are getting paid to do this what is the point?

  • M

    # Con 17 Mar 2010 at 5:16 pm

    Hey Mallory: get life.

    p.s. Anyone who would take the time to do something like this really, really needs to get a life. I mean seriously, unless you are getting paid to do this what is the point?


    Pft, C, there’s more to life than money. One does not simply becom an artist because there’s money in it. One does because it’s what they enjoy and what fulfills them. I for one agree that Lillyxandra is the number one best Zelda cosplayer there is out there, and she makes her costumes from scratch, including that one. Fake looking ears or not, she’s got the face, the figure, and the talent to pull off Princess Zelda.

    And of course, Pikminlink make an amazing Link as well. Aside from being a woman, she’s got the whole package down.

  • Kit

    *sigh*…this chic is kind of a jerk btw

  • Yeesh. Some people just don’t get it. I know this might be the best Zelda cosplay I’ve seen and perhaps some of the best video game cosplays I’ve seen. The fake ears might distract, but the dress and armor really bring this alive.

    This one really made my day.

  • Churmy

    The photographer doesn’t suck actually and well duh the ears are fake so why bother about it[thats why its called Cosplay guys] But anyways if they only used latex for the ears maybe it’ll be somewhat realistic.And about the costume, its fantastic :]

    P.S. I agree she’s the best cosplayer i’ve seen as of now

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  • Shaz

    No matter how many times I look those pictures I still love JoEllen as Princess Zelda. Even after looking through pictures of other Zelda cosplayers who I admit, look nice too, I still think JoEllen makes a great Zelda.

    Lots of credit must be given to Pikminlink and JoEllen for making their own costumes and props. Gah, that chainmail must be a pain to put together >.<

  • Cartharsis

    Sorry to burst your bubble guys but this Zelda is nothing compared to the REAL Princess Zelda.. just look at this-


  • Mike

    dat bitch needs a nose job!

  • wonderful cosplay, I like this …

  • Trifuck

    If you picked up the October issue of Nintendo Power there’s a page where they interviewed the best Zelda cosplayer ever. She’s PikminLink’s upgrade from this inaccurate one they decided to feature.


  • Serena

    I met her! She is a really sweet and kind person, and her costume is amazing in person. THIS is amazing cosplay 🙂

  • Michelle

    This looks like some of the shots from the zelda project

  • where did you get the costume it’s beautiful