A Gallery That Proves Character Creation in Skyrim Doesn’t Suck

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For as much as I loved Oblivion, one of its strong suits was admittedly not its character creator. It was easy to make something that looks like the unholy spawn of the deformed devil, but it was way harder to make a hero that looked like halfway normal human being. Most of the time I just said screw it and went with a tiger head that was impossible to screw up.

Well Bethesda is trying to change that perception by released a series of new images that show just how diverse the new character creator can be in Skyrim. They have pages of intricately designed faces for each race in the game, meant to show that you have a wide range of options when it comes to molding your hero’s visage. We have the Nords above (my race of choice in the original), but all the other races are below with similar mockup. How many horns do you want on your Argonian? Two? Four? Six? Here, have a dozen.

Now, do they have different body types, or are they still sticking lizard and animal heads on plain old human bodies? I know, I know, never satisfied.



Dark Elves

High Elves

Wood Elves





  • Eli Diota

    The feline people are way better.

  • C,Burton

    And the orcs are kinda pretty yet hard looking enough to fit their tough persona.

  • bartman

    haha I saw the argonian horns and immediately thought about Tim the Enchanter

  • Kristoph

    Not bad, has anyone even selected a female orc..ever?

    • Davin

      Oh i’m sure someone has.

      Funny thing is, one of the skill trainers in skyrim for smithing (at the journeyman level) is a female orc, and coincidentally enough was the first smithing trainer i visited, i think.

  • Andy

    I usually rock an elf character, but they look like aliens in this.

  • Anon E. Moose

    Wait…no Nords? NORDS? IN SKYRIM? I hope they didn’t release the screens just because they will be way too awesome.

  • BrockSamson


    Umm…the Nords are at the top of the page. You can tell by the filename. It says “Nords.”

  • Carmelo

    I just want to know if I can have an orc with an afro?

    • Davin

      It’s possible, the gallery pics here are templates for the characters and can be customized further, or are examples of what can be made.

  • Pukako

    The ‘Merv Hughes’ on the imperial looks awesome!

  • Kayruul

    Damn the argonians look awesome!
    Idk i’m tied between making a Argonian, Nord or Orc.

    • Davin

      I chose an argonian myself.

  • Ambiant11

    (Wait…no Nords? NORDS? IN SKYRIM? I hope they didn’t release the screens just because they will be way too awesome.)

    The Nord race is on the top of the gallery pictures. I also think that the races look better than the ones in Oblivion. But what I wonder the most is if we can mod the game after a long while of playing, my style is “play the game first, then you can mod it”.

  • Rachel

    Everyone looks so angry, lol.

    My only real problem with these character models… is it just me, or does it look like the female Khajiit have awkwardly thin necks? The males look ok, but the females… lol. XD

    • Davin

      That just shows that Bethesda took actual biological feline physiology into account when creating the kahjit race. real life female cats (especially big cats like lions or tigers) are often less muscular than their male counterparts, you can clearly see it.

  • Ninargh

    I concur. The people in Oblivion always looked to simple and doughy-faced. Particularly when you had to use the influence wheel thingy – the expressions the crossed their faces were… horrific.

  • rozi

    can we modify our character’s look after the game started?

    • Davin

      Yes, theres a person in the thieves guild that lets you change your face.

  • Aaron


    My first character was a 2-hander female orc
    and she actually looked da sexay, even the giant bottem teeth wasnt too bad.
    It took me a while to make the face any way desirable though