A Gallery Showing the Best Times to Rename Pokemon


Alright, Pokemon week is at an end here on Unreality, and I wanted to end it with a bang (pun clearly intended). This is a gallery of Pokemon renamed in funny (and offensive) ways like the one you see above. Who would have thought there were so many opportunities for hilarity in Jihoto? Err Kyoto, mm what the hell is Pokemon world called again?

I was always fully against renaming Pokemon when playing the original Game Boy game, but I was too young to understand things like sexual innuendo and racial stereotypes. Thankfully, people have since grown up and now, through this gallery, injected both into the game. Just like Nintendo always wanted.

Check out the full gallery below, and apologies to whoever I stole this from, but don’t put unsourced stuff on Imgur.











  • Limitus

    and THAT is your “big bang”??

    k, it’s funny, but not more or less than the usual stuff here^^

    after all i expected more 😮

  • Diggie

    HILARIOUS! I never thought to do that when I played pokemon.

  • A6M4

    wouldn’t it have made more sense to have something use earthquake on haiti-hitmonchan?

  • Dylan

    This freaking made my day

  • :3

    lol funny stuff. word play like that can be hilarious, and it was too! 2 thumbs up!