A Gallery of Video Game Creatures Brought to Life

We all know that cosplay is the go-to way to bring your favorite video game characters to life, but what about all those who can’t be emulated by putting on a suit?

This gallery examines a selection of creatures pulled straight from video games that were either crafted manually by man, or found naturally in the wild. I think I’ve all but avoided photoshop entirely.

From Dekus to Piranha Plants and everything in between, check out the gallery below:

Piranha Plant



Pac Man


  • JessKitty

    The turtle with wings would be an awesome pet, were it real.

  • VileThings

    Wait till it starts throwing hammers after you.

  • Yaaaarh!

    Okami was the name of the game! Not the name of the character! That’s like the fourth time I’ve seen that mistake today.
    Her name is Amaterasu.
    Otherwise, pretty neat!