A Gallery of Unique Video Game Art from Neco

More awesome video game art here on Unreality, and I’m amazed to keep finding new artists with styles so diverse.

This series comes from Neco, a Flickr fiend with a wicked talent for digital painting classic video game characters in ways we’ve never seen them before. He’s got the whole Mario gang, of course, but also Samus Aran and a few cool entries from the Mega Man universe.

Check out the full gallery below:

Luigi and Daisy get steamy on the next page.

  • Patrick

    Peach in a club? I’ll buy ALL THE DRINKS!

  • devildart

    wow i actually know about this artist before hand. thats rare indeed

  • Iname

    Yeah, Peach looks at lot like Yang from RWBY. Not that that’s a bad thing in any way.