A Gallery of the Most Terrifying Commander Shepards in Existence

  • elia

    Thanks, now that last one is going to haunt my dreams

  • ponder

    i could never make it through the whole game like that… lol

  • Velovan

    Now imagine the romance scenes.

  • Andy

    Those are amazing.

  • Gabriel

    hahaha omg I can’t stop laughing

  • DontbeaGoof


  • Rosstopher

    My dude looks like me from the side, but now from the front. I wish there were more robust character creation options, even though its already exceptional. Face mapping with the kinect or move camera would be cool too

  • Nickincollege

    Voted ugliest man in galaxy… still hooks up with Miranda

  • I will admit, my first Shepard was pretty ugly (think Danny Trejo crossed with Steve Buscemi) but each new game, I thrive to make him even uglier. My final Shepard has a lack of eyebrows, a huge forehead, and almost clear eyed, as well as a face adorned with (glowing?) scars. And the end result is I have finally reached the point where he is almost too ugly. He is hard to look at. It makes all his sexual conquests that much creepier, too.

  • Raph

    A little saddening that a lot of these characters have thick lips, lets you in on the mind of who made these of what they think is ugly which the majority has thick lips.

    • PKBitchGirl

      With 4 and 10, it’s not the thick lips but the make up and pale eyebrows that make them stand out, they’d look a lot better with darker hair and more neutral makeup, two of the others it’s their pale skin and black lipstick and the second last one on page one looks like a clown.

      The ones who’s mouth shape looks worst are the ones with really thin lips.

      There were a lot of ‘ugly’ inquisitors who looked freaky due to shockingly awful makeup choices

  • Giauz

    Honestly, page 1 5th from the bottom and the bottom one actually look kinda cool. And the page 2 5th from the top is just badass.