A Gallery of the Most Egregious Video Game Console Knockoffs

I’m sort of unclear as to what exactly the market is for horrible video game console knockoffs. Are they for grandmothers who don’t know what the hell their grandkids want for Christmas? Are they for foreigners who speak atrocious English and can’t recognize a ripoff from sight? Who are these made for?

This gallery shows some of the worst examples of console knockoffs that exist all around the world. Almost all are guaranteed to make a kid very happy for three seconds, and very sad for the rest of the week once he figures out what the hell he’s just gotten.

Check out the full gallery below, and send me any I missed.

  • vincent_D

    The Second one (The small xbox) is not a knockoff, it is a small game that came with some cereals some time ago

  • Jeff

    I don’t know why, but I really like looking at stuff like this. It’s just so ridiculous haha

  • Bad Acid

    If Game Theory: Admiral were a real thing, I’m guessing the flagship title would be “WarGames”

    Also, if it were a real, genuinely produced (Like Sony/MS/Nintendo) mass-market console that’d be an incredible name.

  • bill

    what games were played on these things?

  • Sideshow

    Haha, I love the “PCP”. Also, Super Megason IV is what I’m naming my first child.

  • JessKitty

    Wow…where in the world would you buy this stuff, except for the internet? None of the shops that sell gaming stuff where I live would sell that stuff.

    The closest I’ve seen is places like CVS and Walgreens, right around Christmas will sometimes sell these units that are all in one systems, which play a limited amount of old game knockoffs and that’s it. But usually they aren’t trying to fake anyone. They try to attract Grandma and Grandpa on the idea of, “Well, it looks like those other things… and our kids are always complaining how buying our grandchildren games is costing a fortune. These contain the games so, WOW!”

    The odd thing being that I know a fair number of now grandparents who were weaned on Atari and the original Nintendo who would never fall for that because they themselves own an Xbox 360 or a Wi.

  • Marco

    PCP Station is just begging for a Horatio Caine joke…

  • Kandice

    Ashens on youtube does a hilarious review of all the knockoff consoles he finds. I’m tempted to send him this list, because it looks like he missed a few.

  • Rick

    I’ve seen a lot of these in 3rd world countries & I think maybe in a few pawn shops/flea markets in the states. You’re not gonna find these in Best Buy, thats for sure.

  • connor

    some of these look really bland and are just… wow…

  • J5

    I almost bought the Power Player at a swap meet once, because it came with 1000 games from back in the day.

    For $10, I still regret not purchasing it.

  • Alaric

    That PSP Go knock-off is probably better than the thing it’s knocking off…

  • Elvin DP

    The 9 item down , on the second page was the best $30 ive spent on a game system. It runs Linux and emulates almost every classic system running from Atari to GBA. Love it, everything runs without any lag or framerate issues!

  • waybose

    The second one down is not a knock off. The generation NEX came out when the NES console patent expired. It will effectively play ALL of your old cartridges perfectly.

    Again Not a knockoff.

  • Bear

    the 3rd from the bottom on page 2 (the sleek white device on blue background) isnt actually a knock-off, more of an emulator device with support for music and movies.

    its part of an open source/development scene of which there are other devices such as the pandora [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pandora_(console)]