A Gallery of The Darker Side of Mario

Outside of the entire cast of Star Wars, I don’t think there’s any figure in the media that’s been more “artistically interpreted” than Mario over the years. The happy Italian plumber collecting coins and saving princesses may have been the product of a very kind Japanese man, but over the years, artists have taken their own liberties with the hero and shaped him into something…else.

I’ve done my best to assemble a collection of fan art that shows Mario in a rather different light. He’s evil, maniacal or just misshapen, but on all the pictures it’s a darker side of Mario we never get too see in his family friendly games.

Check the full gallery out below:

Middle click to open each picture quickly in a new tab

  • Bigdog

    Picture 12 is actually from a webseries called “There Will Be Brawl”. Was worth the time, some of the episodes were really good. Check it out.

  • HybridAndy

    Definitely recommend “There Will Be Brawl” if you have a couple of hours. Extremely well done and entertaining, consider the (I’m assuming) zero budget.

    I actually wanted to buy the DVD but I don’t think it ever came out. It would probably violate all kinds of copyright laws if they ever did.

  • Dave

    I love the Sith/Jedi Mario using force lightning on Toadstool… so bad ass