A Gallery of Sexy Pokemon Who are NOT Pikachu


Alright, so I know by posting this, I’m running the risk of turning this site into some sort of destination for anime/furry fetishists, but I find this whole trend very hilarious. Last week the internet bowed down in awe of the hottest cosplayer at Comic Con, a young lady dressed up as Pikachu. It got picked up by several media outlets, including Playboy, who discovered the girl via Unreality and recognized my impressive achievement of having the world’s only gallery of sexy Pikachus.

So to prove…something, this week I’m hosting another gallery, of sexy Pokemon who are NOT Pikachu. Alright, so not all of them are Pokemon, but all of them are from the game in one form or another.

And you’re going to have to help me out with the names of some of these and PLEASE send in your own. I promise I will post them.

Sexy Mudkip (wow)


Sexy Misty (she really did it for me when I was twelve)


Sexy Raichu (and unsexy friend)


Sexy Leafeon (they made Eevee evolve more? I stopped after Red and Blue)


Sexy Team Rocket (wait, are both of them girls? James always was a bit of a queen)


Sexy Charmander (I want to see the tail)


Sexy Squirtle (with sexy Pikachu sneaking in)


Sexy Nurse Joy (or any other sexy nurse from any other manga, but I’m told it’s Joy)


Sexy May (she was after my time, nice biker spandex)


Sexy Vaporeon (and sexy evil Eevee evolution I don’t know the name of)


Sexy Zangoose (why yes, it is an evolution of sexy Pikachu girl)


I swear, if this girl ends up posing in Playboy for dressing up like a Pokemon…

BONUS: Sexy Pichu from reader TaylorWalker



Hey, I said not Pikachu, which is totally different than Pichu.


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