A Gallery of Pokemon Evolving Artistically

It’s a series of t-shirt prints from Lomm that shows a variety of Pokemon in their stages of evolution. Most of the starters are here, but there are a whole host of others who rely on two or three steps to become fully evolved fighting machines.

The shirts are available at RedBubble, and yes, of course I’ve already bought five. Check out the full gallery below:

pokemon evolution3

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  • Jake Stone

    Oh look, more Pokemon.

  • Brock Samson

    These are awesome. I demand more Pokemon posts.

  • Ender88

    This was really cool. The cyndaquil one was a bit different than the others and Ekans only evolves once. A really cool idea though.

  • Demonic

    The only ones I really didn’t like were ekans and ninetails, it seems better if they are in sets of three.

  • Brian


    … But seriously, some are amazingly awesome.