A Gallery of Pokemon Art by a Talented 14 Year-Old

We’ve featured a lot of Pokemon art here in the past, but this is the first time I’ve seen a gallery this good, by someone so young. Salanchu is a Russian 14 year-old with a love for Pokemon, and has painted a large number of them over the past few months and years.

How do I know he’s fourteen? Because I don’t recognize any of these damn Pokemon. Almost all are the newfangled ones that appeared long after I stopped playing, and only a young whippersnapper would recognize them. But yeah, he really is 14.

I’ve collected some of his best pieces which you can check out below:

  • fred

    dude enough with the pokemon. I enjoy the site but its getting creepy… just, let it go

  • Mask

    Thats pretty good

  • ModdyD


  • Chicken&Tea

    ^dude above me is right, he’s not 14 dammit! I saw Catfish! It’s all lies! Nothing is real! D’8

  • Chris C

    I only remember the fifth one from Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal. Sweet art, though too bad there aren’t any Original 151 Pokemon on there

  • I appreciate the effort by the 14 Year-old.