A Gallery of MMO Players in Game and in Life

I found these on some French site I can’t read, but I get the general impression of what’s going on here. A photographer named Robbie Cooper set out to see how MMO players matched up in real life to their characters.

The results were all over the board, and it really is a fascinating project. Some wanted their avatars to look exactly like themselves, (though usually a few pounds lighter, or a few more muscles) and others wanted to be free of their usual constraints of race or gender.

It is my first reaction to say that guys playing hot girl characters are “weird,” but is there anything really weird about it? Then I remembered my own Saints Row 2 self-created heroine, and shut my mouth.

Check out the project below:

  • Gabriel

    I think I remember seeing this somewhere before, well at least with the kid in the wheelchair. He had an excellent story about how he plays MMO’s and enjoys them immensly just because of his condition. He is able to do anything in a game, even as simple as walking. Going link hunting to see if I can find it!

  • Serial-Critiker

    Robbie Cooper, est un photographe américain. Il y a quelques années, il commença un voyage à travers la Corée, la Chine, la France et l’Allemagne afin de photographier des « Gamers » jouant à des MMORPG. Il s’est intéressé à leur alter ego dans ce monde virtuel. Un travail intéressant montrant la grande différence (ou pas) entre le physique de la personne et leur avatar incarné dans le jeu.


    Roobie Cooper is an american photograph. A cupple of years ago, he began a trip across Korea, China, France, Germany in order to take pictures of gamers playing at MMORP. He was interested in their virtual self. An interesting work showing the big difference (or not) between the true self and the game avatar.

  • Aki

    Google’s translater has a detect mode, which does a good job of translating web sites. It appears this is what Serial-Critiker used.

    Text from the article: http://goo.gl/IaVjw

  • Ayelet

    Here is the link with the stories of the people in English.


  • Do Mii’s count. Because mine and I share an uncanny resemblance.

  • VOH

    You forgot to include my 34-year-old virgin roommate. In real life, he is dirty and gross, but in WoW, he is a mighty night elf druid…who is probably also a virgin.

  • Aki

    @hbcupride.deco-printing.com: Yes, and that is a gallery in itself. >D

  • Serial-Critiker

    @ Aki

    Nope, I traduced it myself. I’m French 😉

  • They need a picture of me and my mage up there