A Gallery of Mega Man in Medieval Times

CGHub is hosting their latest animation contest where the theme is “Mega Man in Medieval Times.” There have been a lot of entrants, and therefore a lot of pretty incredible works featured. Now in the finals stage, these are the best of the best, and you’ll see all sorts of heroes and villains from the game rendered in a centuries old style.

Check out the best ones in the gallery below, and they’ll really make you wish for a reboot of the franchise into something this awesome. If you like these, you can head over to the boards to vote yourself, but you might have to be a member. In any case, at the very least you can just see them all bigger which is worthwile.

Alright, take a look:

  • NY not NYC

    Is it sad that I recognize NONE of these people? Where’s Guts Man? And that dude from X that looks like an elephant?

  • Brendan

    Guts man is in the third from the bottom, he is the guy on the far right

  • xXburekXx

    my favourite was the one of him as a kid, considering that one was the only one that actually looked midevil

  • NY not NYC

    Yes! Now I see it! Thanks B.

  • zero

    Just want to thank you guys for making the pictures all on one page instead of doing that gallery-loading crap. Please don’t ever go back to that format, it’s annoying and drives people away.

  • Glass2099

    That one with the little kid lighting his cannon arm creeps me the f*** out. I may never play megaman games again.